Frequently asked questions

Where's my tracking number?
You can now see you tracking numbers in your My Account page. Simply log in to your account, go to the 'Orders' section and tap the 'Track' button on the order you want to track.
How do I subscribe?
Click/tap the Subscribe button in the menu. There you'll find all the information you need to get started.
Can I cancel or change my subscription?
Yes you can put your subscription on hold, upgrade/downgrade tiers or cancel at anytime. You can do this from the Subscription Details section of your account or by sending our support team an email.
When will my order ship?
Orders are usually processed within 2 working days of payment.
How much is shipping?
Delivery is free for most areas in New Zealand. Rural deliveries will incur a delivery fee of $6.00.
Can I get perfume and cologne?
Yes, you can add a mixture to your queue. Once subscribed you will have access to the full range.
Can I get a fragrance without subscribing?
Yes we offer one off purchases from the shop pages.
My order hasn't arrived?
Please send us an email with your order details for assistance.
I forgot to select a fragrance?
We will send you an email each month to remind you to make a selection before your queue locks on the 1st of the next month. If for any reason you still do not make a selection you will receive our perfume or cologne of the month.
How do I add a fragrance to my queue?
Take a look at the Your Queue page for more information on adding and removing items from your queue.
Where is your business located?
Scent Republic is owned and operated in Wellington, New Zealand. Proudly 100% Kiwi.
Do you accept returns?
Currently we do not accept returns. If you have a problem with your order please send our support team an email.
What payment options do you accept?
We accept major credit and debit cards, bank transfers and Laybuy. Please note bank transfers and Laybuy can only be used for one off purchases. We do not offer cheques, Paypal or Afterpay currently.  All payments are processed securely through our payment provider.
How is my card charged?
First time subscriptions and one off purchases are charged at the time of purchase. Recurring subscriptions are charged month to month on the date you first subscribed. Your card will be charged automatically for your monthly renewal and requires no action on your part.
Do you ship internationally?
We currently only ship to New Zealand.
I'm not getting emails about my orders?
We send emails when your order is received, completed and tracking information sent. If you aren't receiving these emails they may be going to your spam/junk folder. If they are you can mark those emails as not junk/trust Scent Republic as a sender so that our emails go direct to your inbox.
Can my package be signature required?
Yes we offer the signature required service for $1.00. You can add and remove this service from your subscription in your My Account - Subscription Details area here.
Can I gift a subscription?
Yes we now offer the ability to gift a subscription. You will receive a gift code that you can give to your friend or family member, they can redeem this code when creating a subscription to get their subscription free for the term length that has been paid for. Subscriptions are paused at the end of the term length and the gift recipient is given the option to pay to continue the subscription or to cancel it. Check it out here
How do I upgrade to Premium?
You can upgrade to premium from your My Account page here or by going to a premium product and clicking on the premium button.
Can I go back to a standard subscription?
Yes you can upgrade or downgrade at any time from your account page here. There are no hidden fees or immediate charges for changing plans. You will be billed on your normal renewal date for the plan cost amount you have chosen.
What is the difference between a Standard Subscription and a Premium Subscription? 

The first difference is the price. A standard subscription is $24.95 per month and a premium subscription is $29.95 per month. 

Standard subscription is our entry subscription into trying more than 200+ perfumes/colognes with more being added every month. The scents range from celebrity scents to luxury scents like Calvin Klein, Dolce & Gabbana, and Gucci. 

A premium subscription unlocks an extra 90+ scents that are usually higher-end/niche scents like Balenciaga, Dior, and Hermes while still having access to the 100s of standard scents available in our standard range. 

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