Abercrombie & Fitch
First Instinct

Eau de Toilette

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This addictive and irresistible fragrance is a Fougere Aromatic Amber. Blended for the man who lives by his first instinct.







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This modern fragrance opens with Electronic Gin and Tonic combined with Kiwano Melon. In the heart, Szechuan pepper ignites the spark to attraction while violet leaves bring depth and a citrus twist. The base is made up of Suede musk and sleek warm amber, creating the perfect blend of fresh elements of fougere and oriental warmth.

1 Reviews

  1. This is one of the creative gems own. Very unique scent. It’s almost like a beach in a bottle. It’s a very casual fragrance but it smells absolutely fantastic for what it is. Top notes of melon and tonic water make it perfect for summertime. It’s very aquatic, fruity, and refreshing. Never turns sweet which like. projection is good, sillage is okayish and price value is fantastic. But it falls short on the performance. If you don’t mind carrying a travel spray and re-applying it two-three times ina working day it’s very good. It’s a weaker scent overall and not to be used on a very hot – humid day or in a crowded setting. You’d barely smell like anything.

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